Or, pretty much nouveau history since I've been around :3.

The Great Walf Raid Edit

Early in 2017/late 2016, after experimenting with the rep system Courage Wolf gave himself the max rep possible. This led to an event among the forum regulars of reducing his rep to zero, started by Courage Wolf himself. A group started by Super Slicer with the express purpose of "Bring the Walf down!" and growing to contain several of the highest rep users on the forum, lead the war against Courage Wolf.

After a great many rep messages, activity and posts, the event died down due to the eventual absence of Courage Wolf and multiple suspensions of the reputation system.

Aika broke then fixed the forum... again Edit

On October 20th, 2017, Aika decided upon and performed a server upgrade, from vb bulletin 3.4 to 5.3(?), to another site he runs. Inadvertently this was also applied to the ulmf forums and brought about much chaos upon the server. With the help of Antithetical, basic functionality was returned after a few days. However many old functions had yet to be re-implemented, leading to a bit of uproar among some users.

After a while of relatively slow progress, in mid February 2018 Aika decided to hand over restoration to several individuals, possibly including F95, whom he believes are more competent for restoring the forum.