Near the bottom of the forum's main page, there's a shoutbox where registered members can chat. It has a number of features useful to the average forum-goer, such as notifying others of when posts have been made, and being able to communicate in real time. (Not factoring in lag)

The fall back of this Shoutbox, is it's alleged side-effect of slowing down the forum as a whole, and eating up it's bandwidth. But still, Aika is one cool mother fucker for putting it there.

Many members frequent the shout, including, but not limited to, Aztlan, Aurani, sinfulwolf, Suri, Tassadar, Tiffanian, Iggy, Sir Oni, Hooker, and Caulder . Several other members have been known to lurk the shoutbox and add witty comments from time to time, or use posts there as signature pictures.

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