Burrito_of_DOOM! was one of the first new members to ULMF, as well as being one of the original Everything Else frequenters, once the allure of the H-section wore off. He has a flair for being overdramatic, and often takes things a bit too far.

He now goes by the name of Occam's Razor Caulder, given to him by Nunu, though most of the members who knew him before still call him by nicknames based on his old name.

He is a frequenter of the Roleplay Section, having numerous roleplay subforums that are now defunct due to his numerous disappearances, which many dispute the reasons behind.

He is also a frequenter of the Shoutbox, providing snarky and nonsensical comments on a regular basis, as well as doling out useless facts that everyone listens to generally go unheard.