ULMF's very own ⑨. Who also happens to be an ice fairy.

Sorta new member who's been hanging around in the Shoutbox since it was installed and is there almost 24/7, 'she' randomly attacks other members in the Shoutbox with glomps, pokes, punts and lately facehugs, noms and rape. Also has an obsession with keeping track of the archive in case something of interest happened while she was sleeping.

Shyly browsed various sections without making much fuzz, was shortly invited to the 'Gensokyo' Social Group by Unknown Squid, later became a loyal voter in KakkaHousu(Now 'Guan Yu')'s Touhou CYOA. And slowly grew into a somewhat respected member by derping around in the Shoutbox.

Frequently nicknamed "Au", "Baka", "Fairy" or a combination of the latter two.